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Contact Dino @ SayWhat

Whatever you wanna do, just email me:
You:I want to write about SayWhat or interview the founder and/or team!

Awesome! Tell me about ur site/publication in the email pls~

You:I want to use SayWhat's content!

I'm tearing up! I cry tears of joy every time ppl tell me that SayWhat is useful to them.

Feel free to embed our videos on ur site! (Super convenient embed code coming soon.)

Let me know if you want to use the content in other ways and the current format doesn't support ur use case. Try to be specific in ur email. Thx!

You:I want to contribute videos!

You are freaking amazing! Pls download the app, and you will be able to contribute videos!

You:But I want to contribute videos in other languages!

Can you let me know what language? Will prioritize the language that gets requested the most.

You:I want to volunteer!

Sweet! We're still figuring out how to wrangle all our volunteers together, so it helps a lot if ur the responsible type and fairly autonomous. Here are the two kinds of volunteers we need:

  1. Outreach volunteers: We need ur help to get as many creators on SayWhat as we can. There's a gazillion ppl on this planet, and we want to find everyone who wants to define any words with video.
  2. Caption volunteers: We've got videos of people saying things really fast, and itz sometimes hard for people learning a language to follow along and learn from these videos.
You:I want to join the SayWhat team!

We have 3 engineers and built apps for iOS, Android, and the web (both public and our own private admin tool) going through 8 iterations in the last 6 months. So we are..kinda...intense... You gotta be super duper competent =)

  • Senior Backend Engineer: Ideally somebody who wants to build new systems from the ground up.
  • Web/Full Stack Engineer: Ideally somebody experienced or interested in Angular/Node and comfortable with (S)CSS.
You:I want to invest!

Serious angels+VCs pls. If you are Snoop Dogg or Ashton Kutcher prove it by...emailing me ur selfie.

You:I want to date Ding!

K, she's kinda intense but email me anyways. Don't be fooled by her cleavage... she's a kid inside.

You:I want to tell you about bugs/feedback!

I'm tearing up again! Shoot me an email anytime.

You:Shouldn't you be setting a good example for the kids? Why can't you spell properly?

Wut? Isn't this how you ppl talk nowadays? Srsly, I can't even