Convert Case: Easily Convert Text to and from UPPERCASE, lowercase, or Sentence case

Convert any text to uppercase, lowercase, or sentence case with our simple online Convert Case tool. Format text for consistency, readability, coding, and more!

Our simple online Convert Case tool

To use our Convert Case tool, simply type or paste your text into the input box.

Then, choose whether you want to convert to uppercase or lowercase using the radio buttons.

Finally, click the “Convert Case” button.

The converted text will appear in the output box.

For example, if you input “Hello World” and select “Uppercase”, the output will be “HELLO WORLD”.

If you select “Lowercase” instead, the output would be “hello world”.

And if you choose “Sentence Case,” you will get “Hello world.”

Try the Convert Case tool here!



Covert text case: any text, in any language!

The Text Case Converter works with any text in any language.

You can convert single words, sentences, paragraphs or even large blocks of text.

It will preserve all punctuation, spaces and special characters.

This tool can be useful for formatting text for consistency, making text easier to read, formatting titles or headings, changing text case for coding purposes, and various other text formatting needs.