Easy Peasy

The idiom "easy peasy" means that something is very easy or simple to do, often used in a playful or reassuring context.

Easy Peasy: Meaning and Definitions

  • “Easy peasy” is a playful idiom used to express that something is very easy or simple to do.
  • It often suggests an activity or task that requires little effort to accomplish.
  • This idiom might be used to reassure someone that they can do something without difficulty.
  • It can also be used to dismiss the complexity or challenge of a task.
  • Furthermore, it is frequently used to encourage children as it has a childish or casual tone.

Easy Peasy Synonyms

  1. Piece of cake
  2. Walk in the park
  3. As easy as pie

Example Sentences

  • Learning to ride a bicycle was easy peasy for her.
  • Don’t worry about the test, it’s going to be easy peasy.
  • Making a sandwich is easy peasy—even my five-year-old can do it.
  • Setting up the new computer was easy peasy; the instructions were very clear.
  • Don’t stress about the assembly; it’s easy peasy.

The Origins and Etymology of Easy Peasy

The term “easy peasy” is a playful variation of the term “easy.” It is believed to have originated in the mid-20th century in Britain.

The addition of “peasy” to the phrase is a form of rhyming duplication.

You can read more about it on Wiktionary.

“Easy Peasy” in Literature

The phrase “easy peasy” is quite modern and has a playful, childish tone, so it’s more commonly found in children’s literature.

In the ‘Lemonade Jones’ series by Davina Bell, we find the sentence: “Making friends at school was going to be easy peasy.” You can learn more about the book series here.

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