Great Minds Think Alike

Explore the fascinating origins and usage of the idiom 'Great Minds Think Alike.' Learn how this phrase signifies shared ideas, perception, and validation among intelligent individuals. Find synonyms and examples.

Great Minds Think Alike: Meaning and Definitions

  • “Great minds think alike” is an idiom that implies that intelligent people often come up with the same ideas.
  • It often expresses admiration when two or more people independently produce, or agree on, the same thought.
  • This phrase suggests that similar levels of thinking or perception lead to similar ideas.
  • It can be used humorously or ironically when two people have the same trivial idea.
  • Furthermore, it denotes a mutual affirmation or validation of one’s ideas or thoughts.

Great Minds Think Alike Synonyms

  1. We’re on the same wavelength
  2. We think alike
  3. Parallel thinking

Example Sentences

  • When both scientists independently discovered the same principle, they laughed and said, great minds think alike.
  • When my sister and I showed up wearing the same outfit, we just chuckled and said, great minds think alike.
  • It’s funny we both came up with the same solution for the problem – great minds think alike.
  • We had the same idea for the project. Well, great minds think alike.
  • I see you brought pizza for dinner too, great minds think alike.

The Origins and Etymology of Great Minds Think Alike

The phrase “great minds think alike” is believed to be of early 17th-century origin, but its exact origins are not known.

The phrase in its full form suggests that intelligent people tend to come up with the same ideas at the same time.

You can read more about it on Wiktionary.

“Great Minds Think Alike” in Literature

This phrase doesn’t have a famous literary origin, but it’s often used in literature to signify a moment of agreement or shared understanding between characters.

For instance, in ‘Twilight’ by Stephenie Meyer, one of the characters, Alice, says:

“It’s almost like you’re my sister… Well, I guess you are, in a way.

Sort of.

A tiny bit.”

To which Bella replies, “Great minds think alike,” indicating their shared understanding and agreement.