Here we explore the world of idioms, their origins, meanings, and usage in your everyday conversations. Whether you’re a native speaker looking to expand your knowledge or a non-native speaker trying to navigate the complexities of English language, this category will help you learn and incorporate idioms into your language skills.

What does “with a heavy heart” mean?

What does "with a heavy heart" mean?
With a heavy heart" is an expression used to describe deep sadness or grief. It conveys the sense of being weighed down by a burden or regret. Explore its origins, cultural references, and psychological perspective.

What does “biding time” mean?

What does "biding time" mean?
Discover the power of biding time and how it can lead to success. Learn how to hold back, be patient, and wait for the perfect opportunity to take action. Find out why biding time is essential in achieving your goals.

What does “best of both worlds” mean?

What does "best of both worlds" mean?
Discover the meaning and origin of the idiom 'best of both worlds', and how it relates to enjoying the benefits of two different things simultaneously. Examples and synonyms included!

What does “in cold blood” mean?

What does "in cold blood" mean?
Discover the meaning behind the idiom 'in cold blood' and its modern interpretations. Explore its literary references and examples showcasing its ruthless and calculated nature.

What does “I could eat a horse” mean?

What does "I could eat a horse" mean?
Discover the meaning and origin of the idiom 'I could eat a horse.' Find out how this common expression is used to express extreme hunger and its variations in different cultures.

What Does “Pound of Flesh” Mean?

What Does "Pound of Flesh" Mean?
Explore the literary context of the idiom and its influence on the English language. Delve into character analysis of the complex Shylock and the thought-provoking 'Pound of Flesh' scene.