What does “at the eleventh hour” mean?

What does "at the eleventh hour" mean?
Uncover the fascinating historical and biblical roots of the idiom 'At the Eleventh Hour,' meaning at the last possible moment with little time to spare.

Nepo Baby

Nepo Baby
Discover the term 'nepo baby' and its relevance in the entertainment industry. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of being born into a famous family.

What does “you hit the nail on the head” mean?

What does "you hit the nail on the head" mean?
Discover the literal and figurative meanings of this common idiom, along with examples and synonyms. Learn how it originated from carpentry and is now used to describe situations where someone accurately describes a situation or problem.

What does “so to speak” mean?

What does "so to speak" mean?
Discover the definition and usage of 'so to speak,' an idiomatic expression used to convey figurative or non-literal meaning. Explore examples and variations.

What does “veg out” mean?

What does "veg out" mean?
Discover the meaning of "veg out," a common term used to describe the act of relaxation and unwinding. Explore synonyms like chill out, zone out, and space out.

What does “cross that line” mean?

What does "cross that line" mean?
'Cross that line' is an idiom denoting unacceptable actions or breaching moral boundaries. Explore its origin, meanings, and psychological implications.

What does “dog days of summer” mean?

What does "dog days of summer" mean?
Discover the historical origins, astronomical significance, and cultural impact of the dog days of summer, the hottest and most sluggish days of the season.

What Does “Once Bitten, Twice Shy” Mean?

What Does "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" Mean?
Discover the meaning and usage of the idiom 'Once Bitten, Twice Shy,' conveying a person's reluctance to take risks after a negative experience. Learn its origin and synonyms.