Silence is Golden

The idiom "silence is golden" means that it is often better to remain quiet, as doing so can avoid trouble, keep the peace, or hold more meaning than unnecessary words.

Silence is Golden: Meaning and Definitions

The phrase “silence is golden” suggests that sometimes saying nothing is preferable to speaking.

  • It often implies that keeping quiet can avoid trouble or maintain peace.
  • This idiom might be used to emphasize the value of restraint in speech in certain situations.
  • It can also suggest that quietness or peace can be more valuable or meaningful than noise or chatter.
  • Furthermore, it might denote the idea that some truths are best left unsaid.

Silence is Golden Synonyms

  1. Speech is silver, silence is golden
  2. The less said, the better
  3. Silence is more eloquent than words

Example Sentences

  • When the argument started getting heated, he decided that silence is golden and chose not to participate.
  • During the meditation retreat, she truly understood why silence is golden.
  • Even though he had an opposing view, he decided silence was golden and kept his thoughts to himself.
  • They say silence is golden, and in the middle of the tranquil forest, I could truly appreciate that.
  • In the midst of the heated debate, she realized that sometimes, silence is golden.

The Origins and Etymology of Silence is Golden

The phrase “silence is golden” is a proverbial saying suggesting that in some circumstances, it is better to say nothing.

The saying comes from the Swiss inscription, “Sprechen ist silbern, Schweigen ist golden” (speech is silver, silence is golden).

The English version became popular in the 19th century.

You can read more about it on Wiktionary.

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