What does “murdered in cold blood” mean? A Casual Explanation

Murdered in cold blood" means intentionally killing someone without provocation or mercy. It's a premeditated and calculated act, devoid of passion or emotion.

Definition of “Murdered in Cold Blood”

“Murdered in cold blood” is an idiom that means to kill someone intentionally and without any provocation or mercy.

The phrase “cold blood” refers to the absence of passion or emotion, indicating that the killing was premeditated and calculated.

Origins of the Phrase

The origin of the phrase “cold blood” dates back to the belief that blood changes temperature based on one’s emotional state.

The phrase “in cold blood” was first used in the 16th century to describe the killing of someone without any passion or emotion.

Truman Capote’s 1966 non-fiction novel “In Cold Blood” helped popularize the phrase, which has since become a common idiom in the English language.

Cold Blood vs.

Hot Blood

The phrase “murdered in cold blood” is often contrasted with “murdered in hot blood,” which refers to a killing that was committed in the heat of the moment, usually as a result of strong emotions such as anger or fear.

In contrast, a cold-blooded murder is premeditated and planned, with the perpetrator showing no remorse or empathy for the victim.

Examples of Usage

  • Despite being a peaceful protest, the police murdered the crowd in cold blood.
  • The serial killer was known for his cold-blooded murders, which he carried out with meticulous planning and precision.
  • The victim was murdered in cold blood by her husband, who had been planning the crime for months.

Can you give a casual explanation of the meaning of “murdered in cold blood”?

“Murdered in cold blood” is an idiom used to describe a ruthless killing executed without mercy or remorse.

It implies that the act of taking someone’s life was premeditated and carried out deliberately.

The phrase originated from the belief that warm blood symbolizes a living and compassionate being, while cold blood represents a cold-hearted and unfeeling person.

If you’re looking for a simplified explanation, understanding this expression means comprehending the intentional nature and lack of humanity behind a cruel and calculated murder.

Now, give it a shot at using this phrase in everyday conversations!


  • Premeditated murder
  • Calculated killing
  • Deliberate homicide